Vice Chair

KidsAid is a charity supporting children affected by trauma. We seek a Vice Chair to assist the Chair in providing leadership to the board, to ensure we operate within our charitable objectives, and with clear strategic direction.

What are we looking for?

The Vice Chair role includes oversight of a Theory of Change approach by the board, incorporating the responsibilities described below:

1) Identify a Theory of Change approach and ensure board understanding, agreement and commitment.

2) Assist the board to exercise oversight of the process, are engaged throughout, and support the decisions made.

3) Ensure that Theory of Change is embedded within the organisation’s culture and practice from inception, throughout implementation, and informs strategic decisions.

4) Ensure engagement with a wide range of perspectives to scrutinise how these can most effectively contribute towards change.

5) In collaboration with the CEO, produce a Theory of Change output to reflect the critical thinking which has challenged KidsAid’s values, beliefs, and purpose.

6) Assist the Chair in:

  • Providing leadership to the charity and the board.
  • Ensuring that Trustees fulfil their duties and responsibilities for effective governance.
  • Ensuring board meetings are pre-planned and conducted effectively.
  • Working with the Chair and CEO to ensure that sub-committees make effective and timely recommendations to the Board.
  • Leading any sub-committees, teams, or working groups which may be created by the board.
  • Reviewing the performance of the board, assisting with the appraisal of trustee performance, and leading on the appraisal of the Chair’s performance.
  • The recruitment of new trustees.
  • Representing the charity externally when the chair is unable to do so.


  • At least three years’ experience at board level on a charity board, board of governors, or similar organisation. (E)
  • Initiating and leading strategic change through co-production. (E)
  • Engagement with joint partnerships or collaborative working with a variety of organisations.
  • Available to engage with the role at least 8 hours weekly and attend face to face board meetings. (E)
  • Chairing meetings at senior management team or board level. (E)
  • Effective presentations and report writing. (E)
  • Participating in, or leading teams. (E)
  • Maintaining supportive relationships at a senior level. (E)
  • Supportive of the vision and purposes of the charity. (E)

Your role as Vice Chair will be vital!

You will work in collaboration with the CEO and Chair to lead trustees to shape, drive and monitor the organisations strategy.

Please do apply to become a KidsAid trustee. Our mission is so worthwhile and your contribution to our board team will be greatly valued.

Should you wish to discuss further, please contact our CEO: