Sponsorship Opportunities

KidsAid is a charity supporting children and young people aged 3-18 years who have experienced trauma. Our mission is to deliver long-term, evidence-based therapies. We are seeking opportunities to partner with businesses aligned to our values.

Sponsoring KidsAid will support children, young people and families who have suffered: neglect, abuse, family breakdown, bullying, bereavement, illness, domestic violence, and suicide.

Your contributions will play a vital role in enabling us to continue our transformative work.


Support us by, making us your charity of the year, holding an auction, sponsoring a child, making a donation or through fundraising events.

In return, we can offer volunteering opportunities, wellbeing sessions, embed your company logo on our social media platforms and website, enhance your brand, and much more.

For more information, please contact us at info@kidsaid.org.uk or call 07471 762737.