Fundraising Inspiration

Did you know you can raise donations FOR FREE when you shop online?

Use Amazon Smile when shopping on Amazon, and easy fundraising elsewhere. It only takes a couple of minutes and makes a MASSIVE difference to us!

Amazon Smile Easyfundraising

You can also support us by playing the LOCAL LOTTO!

Just go to and search for KidsAid.

Tickets cost £1 per week and you could win up to £25,000!

Supporters must be 16 years of age or older.

There are so many ways to support us…

You can make a one-off donation, set up a regular monthly donation, donate through Payroll Giving, contact us about sponsoring a child’s therapy, or organise a fundraising event… Do you need inspiration? What about these ideas?

The Office Bake Off

Run a bake off in your workplace and combine it with a bake sale.


Who would like to see the amazing views off the Northampton Lift Tower?

Charity Birthdays

Why not consider swapping birthday celebrations so instead of buying cake and a card, give some money to KidsAid in honour of the birthday person.

Charity Chocoholic

Ditch chocolate for a month and get sponsored.

Office Raffle

Dig out all those unwanted gifts and clothes you’ve never worn and organise an office raffle.

A Walk-A-Thon

Get your walking boots on and clock up your steps.

Head Shave / Hair Dye / Shave Beard

KidsAid commend you!

Personal Running Challenge

Look on here for ideas.


You have 1 question, for example, ‘How many sweets in the jar?’

Sponsored Silence

If you’re a chatterbox who finds being quiet a challenge.

Golfing Day

Create your own golfing challenge.


Push yourself to the limit for KidsAid!