KidsAid is a Northamptonshire charity providing therapeutic support for children and young people who have suffered trauma.

We do this by providing creative psychotherapies, including play therapy, art therapy, drama therapy and dance movement therapy. We also provide parent support work including parental therapeutic support, attachment work and child/adult relationship counselling.

Creative Arts Psychotherapist Required

KidsAid Northampton

KidsAid Northampton
KidsAid Northampton

About Us

KidsAid came into existence in 2007 when a group of professionals working with families came to realise how little provision was available for children and young people who had suffered from trauma.


KidsAid Northampton

Our Therapies

KidsAid Northampton

Organise an Event

A cake sale, a fun run, a mufti day at the office, there’s loads of ways you can help us to raise money. We’ve even got a band of stormtroopers helping us and so far they’ve raised thousands of pounds to help children suffering from trauma in Northampton.

What The Kids Say

“I have been seen and heard and I have felt supported. The sessions have helped me to talk and now I feel happy again.”
“I really enjoyed my sessions. They helped me to know myself better. I was really sad all the time but now I don’t feel like that anymore.”
“Having creative therapy helped me to feel safe. I like my therapist and felt I could talk about how I was feeling and feel listened to.”
“I am happy because I can finally see the positives in my life and I enjoy my life better now. I have learnt how to accept the past.”