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Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) explores the body and body movement as an implicit and explicit tool of communication.

DMP focuses on body/mind connection: how movement affects and reflects our patterns of being, thinking, feeling, and relating.

Dance Movement Therapy

With a mix of spontaneous movement, play, art, music and verbalisation, DMP helps integrate the emotional and psychological response to current or past experiences through a focus on body felt-sense, metaphor, and symbolic representation.

Client-led sessions use improvised movement and play enabling therapists to assess body language, non-verbal behaviour, and emotional expression and develop interventions addressing individual client needs.

With attachment theory at its core, DMP embraces neuroscience-based elements of attunement and mirroring to provide clients with a secure space to experience a safe, supportive relationship – which may not have occurred in early life. DMP also draws on mindfulness, embodiment, and trauma-informed practice, working with body sensation, spontaneous expression, voice and creative imagery, to address issues including self-worth, anxiety, trauma, confidence, and self-regulation – or where words are not enough.

DMP helps clients understand their inner world in an indirect, unthreatening way, fostering acceptance of personal experience, supporting development, positive change, growth and healing.

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