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Play Therapy helps children to understand feelings and traumatic events that they may find hard to talk about.

Children use play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace, without feeling interrogated or threatened.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that supports children and young people to explore and make sense of their life, express repressed thoughts and emotions and understand confused feelings and upsetting traumatic experiences that they haven’t yet had a chance to process.

Play is a natural activity of learning, exploration and communication for children. The medium of play can be highly effective in helping children to express what can be sometimes difficult to articulate in words.

Sessions are child-led. The therapist’s role is to observe the child’s choices, decisions, and play style with a view to help the child learn to express themselves in healthier ways, connect thoughts with emotions, and discover new and more positive ways to solve problems.

Tools used in sessions can include toys, sand and water, dressing up props, puppets, books and craft materials.

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