A Week In The Life Of A KidsAid Therapist

Carla Mangan, KidsAid Therapist

Carla is a KidsAid therapist and she would like to share a usual week with us!


On a Monday I support children & young people who have been excluded from school. Therapy is delivered to these children & young people either from our therapy rooms or remotely through video calls, using Zoom.

I also use Zoom to provide therapies to parents and carers on a Monday, who have limited flexibility or no access to transport. Working with parents gives them the opportunity to process their own trauma which improves their parenting. Our therapies for parents and carers can also help them to gain an understanding of their children’s feelings and learn how to respond effectively to their behaviours, which strengthens their relationship.


On a Tuesday I work between Northampton and Banbury. On this day, I see children and young people from their primary and secondary schools. Each young person I work with has their own therapy tool kit, catered to meet their age and individual interests. Each therapy kit contains art supplies, creative activities and fidget toys.

I also have my own therapy kit which rotate and clean with activities, paints, games, clay, musical instruments and a sand box. Bringing in a variety of items to children & young people’s sessions offers them variety each week.


I provide therapy for four children in their primary schools across Northampton on a Wednesday. Due to their young ages, the therapies I provide to these children incorporates a lot of play as this enhances their ability to communicate, explore and understand their feelings and experiences.


On a Thursday I visit schools in the Kettering and Corby area of Northamptonshire, where I work with young people in secondary schools.

A couple of my clients seen on a Thursday are supported with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help them to identify, confront and reverse some of the unhealthy thoughts and patterns of behaviour that they are struggling with.


On Friday mornings I provide attachment and family therapy sessions for children and their parents, who have their sessions together. I enjoy these sessions as it is wonderful to see the attachment between parents and their children growing each week.

On a Friday afternoon I carry out clinical admin. This includes carrying out assessments, holding therapy review meetings with parents and schools and ensuring my clinical notes are up to date.

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Wednesday 10th August 2022