On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June 2024, PQA Northampton enthusiastically participated in our latest fundraising campaign, ‘Change for KidsAid,’ raising a fantastic £250 to support our work.

PQA Northampton Participates in Change for KidsAid

Students and teachers from PQA took part in the initiative by swapping their usual attire for KidsAid colours—pink, green, orange, and blue—in exchange for donations. This event was a resounding success, with many PQA students showing their commitment and dedication to our cause.

The Principal of PQA Northampton, Alistair Lloyd-McCalla, shared:

PQA Northampton has chosen to support KidsAid because we believe the work the organisation does to support young people through trauma is invaluable and helps secure the future of our communities. Without this additional support, many effects of trauma may go unnoticed and unresolved. We also partnered with KidsAid because of the similarities in our use of creative arts practices, as part of our therapies, which solidifies that somewhere like PQA Northampton can help build confidence and foster relationships among young people with shared interests.”

KidsAid deeply appreciates PQA Northampton’s enthusiastic response and dedication. Their support will significantly impact the lives of vulnerable children, providing essential therapeutic interventions to help them heal and thrive.

PQA Northampton Participates in Change for KidsAid

We are proud to partner with an inspiring organisation like PQA Northampton that shares our values and approach. With supporters like PQA Northampton, we can raise awareness and reach even more children and families in need of therapeutic support. Without the support from the business community, such as PQA Northampton, our work would simply not be possible.

KidsAid encourages other schools, organisations, and businesses to join the Change for KidsAid initiative and make a difference in their communities.

To learn more about Change for KidsAid or how to get involved, please contact us at or call us on 07471 762737.

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Thursday 4th July 2024