Moving Mountains In Furlough

For the week starting the 16th May 2020, Natalie Riley wanted to give herself a challenge and something to focus on for a week during the lockdown.

She was looking for a local charity where she could see the change that she was making. “It is great to raise money for a kid’s charity, but when I read through the service that KidsAid provides, I was amazed”, Natalie explains. She knew from experience that there aren’t a lot of service providers who give the service that KidsAid does. She goes on to say, “You are helping someone almost on my front door, it’s lovely to know that it is happening in Northampton. It’s a shame that I didn’t know about KidsAid. You do such amazing work!”

It is closer to home for Natalie, who has worked for the prison service for more than six years now. She has a great understanding of how trauma in childhood can manifest into difficulties later in life. Through Natalie’s job she knows that extreme trauma in children is not spoken about in the everyday world, but without early intervention, can lead to severe consequences in adulthood. She sees the consequences in her job every day.

So, what was her challenge? Over a week Natalie and her boyfriend Craig climbed a little bit higher than Kilimanjaro, at 6,000 metres. They each climbed and descended the stairs in their home 307 times per day. That’s 307 times up and 307 times down. What a feat.

Natalie and Craig raised over an amazing £790.00. She recommends raising funds for local children. “It makes it feel more real”, she says. “Plus, I feel that when you give funds to a local charity, there aren’t the overheads, so it almost goes directly to those that you are helping.”

KidsAid provides therapeutic services to traumatised children and young people. This non-judgemental service is all-inclusive and led by each young client. We provide long-term intervention to those who can find every day more difficult than their peers. If you are inspired by Natalie’s story and want to find out more about how you can get involved in fundraising for KidsAid charity contact or visit

KidsAid Northampton
KidsAid Northampton

Organise an Event

A cake sale, a fun run, a mufti day at the office, there’s loads of ways you can help us to raise money. We’ve even got a band of stormtroopers helping us and so far they’ve raised thousands of pounds to help children suffering from trauma in Northampton.