The Reaper Squad: Making a hobby life-changing to the children of Northamptonshire

Why fundraise for a local children’s charity?

If you are looking to fundraise for a local charity in Northamptonshire, KidsAid is not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  KidsAid provides therapy to traumatised children in Northamptonshire.

We provide services that are not a part of everyone’s life like birth and death. Nor are they in the public eye such as teenage mental health and homelessness. So our first question to one of the founding members, Adam Newman, was why The Reaper Squad has chosen KidsAid as their charity.

“Obviously, I’ve seen some of the pictures of the buildings and the areas that are set up. I’ve heard about the services offered to kids that go there. That the therapy that’s also provided can be life-changing. I see it as a nice safe place…. I’ve heard about the quality of the support that is offered. For us, it is always something that we felt quite passionate about. So, when we do anything where we can raise money for charity. You guys are ‘our chosen’ essentially. Hopefully, we’ll get things up and running again, soon. It’s been very quiet for quite a while now”.

What do Reaper Squad do for KidsAid?

The Reaper Squad fundraise for KidsAid by attending events and taking buckets to fundraise. They allow members of public to take photos with any of the 27 local Comic-Con full members, specialising In Star Wars.

“We’re quite a tight-knit group, which is quite nice about us. We all speak to each other on a personal level as well. Most of us are generally in contact most days, we joke about ourselves as a bit of a family, but I suppose we are in a sense. We are sticking to the COVID19 rules as best we can. A few of the Squad are definitely finding it a lot harder because their work is a lot more specialist, as they work in the theater or in events”.

There is even a theatre seamstress in the group, which helps when member costume design needs some advice or input. The Squad is growing and have people who are in the process of becoming members. They also try to welcome those who want to join. They help them to bring their costumes up to standard and welcoming them into ‘the family’.

What is the story behind The Reaper Squad?

The group started about four years ago when the new Star Wars Films came out. This re-ignited the Star Wars child in Adam, one of the founders.  This grew to an interest in props and helmets from the films, which turned into a costume. There were cos-play groups around, but they were huge and didn’t have that’ inclusiveness’. Adam met the other founder Paul Prentice at an event at Wicksteed Park, which led to the local group setting up with a charity drive at the core of its foundations.

Since then, The Reaper Squad has grown and fundraised thousands of pounds for KidsAid over the years. So, this fun hobby has been life-changing for several children in Northamptonshire.

“It essentially went from a very small group of people just sort of ‘geeking out’ and sharing a love of Star Wars to achieving what we actually do now.  We get a lot of interest, and we have turned that into doing good, whether it’s going to events that are basically charity-driven or going to events where they would be happy to make a donation for to KidsAid.”

So, if you are preparing an event and would like to have a group of Storm Troopers and various Star Wars characters to surprise and draw public attention, you can invite Adam and the Reaper Squad. For a lot of the general public to get the opportunity to suddenly have photographs taken with some of their favourite characters is quite a rare thing. So, they draw a lot of attention.  In the long run it will also help to change the life of a traumatised child in Northamptonshire.

For more information about the Reaper Squad contact Adam on

KidsAid Northampton