Running to raise awareness of child abuse

Reiki master Berni Anderson is in training for her first half-marathon – she’s never run more than 10 miles before so Sunday, September 4, will be a big day.

Not just in terms of her personal fitness goals, but her drive to raise awareness of child abuse and the effects of neglect and domestic violence of parents on their sons and daughters.

Berni, 36, who is a foster carer from Delapre, Northampton, said: “What goes on behind closed doors can be so hard for anyone outside to spot, so I want to help raise awareness of this kind of cruelty.

“The more people who are aware of child neglect and domestic violence, the more children can be helped.”

Berni, who is married to Gary and has five children, continued: “That was my reason for choosing to raise money for KidsAid – they support children who have suffered domestic violence, emotional and mental abuse.

“Recovery from that kind of harm is a long process, it can take years, but the work KidsAid does is vital to giving children the help and encouragement they need to heal.”

If you want to run the Northampton Half Marathon on behalf of KidsAid click here.

Northampton Half Marathon runner Berni Anderson

Northampton Half Marathon runner Berni Anderson