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By mail:

Send cheques (payable to KidsAid Foundation) to,
KidsAid House
4 St Giles Terrace

Payroll giving:

Payroll Giving lets donors make regular or one-off donations to charities of their choice directly from their earnings or company or personal pension.

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Legacy giving:

Leaving a legacy to Kidsaid simply involves adding a short clause to your will.

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10 Week courses for parents

10 week courses for parents: Already run successfully in schools, the charity is now running Parent Puzzle courses from schools, we will run them ‘in house’ from our training room.

This ten week parenting course provided by two experienced Therapists (in school) focuses as much on the emotional wellbeing of the parent as on the needs of the child. Also called “The Nurturing Programme”, this well-established and highly respected course encourages parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children understand how emotions influence our actions.

It offers many positive, practical ways of guiding children so they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour. It suggests ways of helping us feel good – boosting
self-esteem in ourselves and in our children.
A group of parents work together to explore issues like self-esteem, self-awareness, communication and relationship skills, positive discipline, empathy and understanding children’s needs according to their age. It often has a transformative effect. This can be funded by outside bodies, or by parents themselves.

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