Therapies at KidsAid House

KidsAid helps vulnerable children to overcome difficult experiences and emotions.  We use ‘expressive’ Therapy in rooms packed with toys, art materials and musical instruments.

Even when a child doesn’t have words to describe what is causing their distress, our highly trained and experienced Therapists are able to communicate through one-to-one sessions – using play, drama, art therapy or music.

Youngsters may be feeling grief, anger, rejection or fear. But negative emotions and traumatic events can be overcome with support, so that a child can move on with their life. We also carry out such sessions within schools (details here). See below or right to refer a child or young person.

Anyone can refer a child to KidsAid – a school, GP, family member, or a child can self-refer. Please use the referral form here to make contact. Or click here for other ways to get in touch. For information on how we work in schools, please click here.

All our Therapists are highly trained and members or their relevant professional body, as well as insured and supervised by KidsAid’s Manager and clinical oversight committee.

Expressive Therapies means using play, art or drama in our specially equipped Therapy rooms at KidsAid House. KidsAid’s takes referrals from guardians, social services, schools, parents, and G.P’s where intervention will help support a child or young person. There are many common factors for youngsters to exhibit challenging behaviour, to withdraw or to struggle with social relationships:

  • Abuse (physical, emotional and sexual);
  • Bullying;
  • Peer pressure;
  • Family breakdown;
  • Bereavement.

Often a child can’t articulate their feelings. Working with our experienced and qualified Therapists during a course of sessions (whether in a playroom, using drama or art) children are supported to help move on from traumatic experiences.

Therapy costs are usually paid by the individual or organisation referring. The number of sessions is determined by the Therapist and our Clinical Director following assessment. Please note that in the case of an individual in crisis, we may have donated funds that can assist with the cost.

Our Charity Manager, Patrick Conrad describes how each expressive therapy works, here…

All services run from KidsAid House:

  • Expressive Therapies (as detailed above);
  • Tailored courses CPD training for teachers, social workers etc;
  • Parent Puzzle 10 week courses for parents;
  • Contact facilities for meetings in our comfortable family room.

Tailored courses CPD training for teachers, social workers etc. Our training room can be used for CPD training on how to spot a child facing troubling experiences, how to use expressive methods to de-code a child or young person’s experience and how to tackle challenging behaviour in a non-confrontational way.

Parent Puzzle 10 week courses for parents: Already run successfully in schools, the charity is now running Parent Puzzle courses from schools, we will run them ‘in house’ from our training room. Please see below for more on ‘PP’.

This ten week parenting course provided by two experienced Therapists (in school) focuses as much on the emotional wellbeing of the parent as on the needs of the child. Also called “The Nurturing Programme”, this well-established and highly respected course encourages parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children understand how emotions influence our actions. It offers many positive, practical ways of guiding children so they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour. It suggests ways of helping us feel good – boosting self-esteem in ourselves and in our children.
A group of parents work together to explore issues like self-esteem, self-awareness, communication and relationship skills, positive discipline, empathy and understanding children’s needs according to their age. It often has a transformative effect. This can be funded by outside bodies, or by parents themselves.

Contact facilities: We provide facilities for contact between family members from our comfortable family room which has a kitchen and WC adjacent.

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